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We provide a reliable Satellite Dish and TV Aerial installation and repair service. If you’ve a problem with poor TV reception, or you want to add features to your existing setup, call us today!


Wear Communications provides a full range of TV Aerial and Satellite Dish installation and related services. This includes repairs and dish re-alignment, but significantly we can also advise on and provide extra TV and satellite points in the home or office. We’re the top rated aerial installer for our area on Checkatrade and this is reflected in the positive reviews and the repeat business our customers give us. Scroll down here for more information, and if you can’t find the answer here, please call us on 07739 750480 and ask for Glen.

About Us

What makes Wear Communications different ?
  • We treat our customers and their homes respectfully
  • We provide 2 hour booking slots (eg 9am -11am, 2pm -4pm)
  • We’ve 15 years’ experience and reputation to maintain
  • All our installations are as neat and tidy as possible
  • We’re only a phone call away – we do answer and we do call back
  • We only use highest specification commercial grade materials
  • We’ll always communicate clearly about everything we do
Where do we work ?

We’re based in Haywards Heath – we’ve got lots of experiences with the surrounding villages – and we cover most of East Sussex, West Sussex and some parts of Surrey.

We go as far as Reigate and Redhill in the north, and down as far south as Eastbourne and Worthing.


What costs are involved ?

We have a standard installation cost and the only variable is the cabling costs.

Costs vary depending on cable length because the route we agree with you may be a lot longer than a straight A to B!

To get the best job, we need to find the most discreet route for the client; and finding the best place to site the satellite dish in the first place because we know that people simply don’t want a dish on the front of the house.

Do we provide a warranty ?

Yes. You get 12 months warranty on any work and equipment we provide and we will change any faulty equipment at no cost to you.

HOWEVER, we have to be upfront here and say that the only thing we can’t do anything about is the weather.

We do get high winds in this part of the UK and if a dish gets blown out of line in high winds or torrential rain then we’re happy to come and re-align it but this is not covered under warranty. Sorry.

Are we insured ?

We hold £5 million worth of public limited liability insurance as we do work for Housing Associations and this is a mandatory requirement.

How are we different to other companies ?

If you look on Google will find some companies who come up for a local installer search but in truth, they are national and don’t really have a presence in this area.

They’ll quote prices like ‘from £39’ but for that you’ll get the cheapest possible aerial; the aim is to ‘upsell’ you to additional services, for example, a new mast will cost extra (to mount the aerial!) and there’ll be an additional charge to to go on the roof, so you could well end up with a final bill way in excess, and probably nearer £ 300!

Our pricing is transparent and what we quote is the price you pay. Again, please read our reviews on Checkatrade.

Common Problems

Why is my picture breaking up ?

The first thing to determine is WHEN this happens.

Does it do it when it’s raining? If the answer is YES then you know it’s a problem caused by, or made worse by water.

If you get water in a cable that is open in any way, or the aerial is open to water, you will get a break in signal.

This will happen over time. We find this often with a lot of aerials around 20 years old.

Are there any restrictions on where we can install a satellite dish ?

Yes, we can’t install in conservation areas, like Bolnore Village and many other parts of Sussex but we try not to install a dish on the front of the house in any case, so we have our own ‘conservation code of practice.’

The fact is, most people still find satellite dishes unsightly.

Some of the European dishes are even bigger than the Sky dishes so with these, we look to install them in the garden, placed discretely or ‘hidden’ somewhere and more often than not we mount them on a patio slab with a patio mounting kit.

We always discuss this with the customer first to work out what would be the best solution for them.

What about poor Wi-Fi signals ?

Quite often, people don’t consider that there is a limit on how much can you can get out of a Wi-Fi system. Your broadband connection may be super-fast but the Wi-Fi bandwidth is finite.

If you’ve got a household of Wi-Fi users, every time someone connects via Wi-fi, that ‘bandwidth’ is reduced; add to the Sky box downloading HD movies and you can see why people notice a deterioration in signal.

You can’t cure this by simply amplifying the signal, but you can manage it with better distribution, with ‘hardwiring’ cables where the Wi-Fi doesn’t need to be used, eg a Home Office, or the Sky Box.

We run cables discreetly and tidily around the home using Cat. 6 cable and a ‘switch’ ( a centralised connection box) .

In fact, when we work with ‘new builds’ we recommend to the housebuilder that TWO connections and network cables are run from each point as we have seen the demands of a modern day households for better network / broadband connections and this isn’t going to go away.

What We Do

In a nutshell...

We do everything to do with TV Aerials &  Satellite Dishes from the installation outside to running the cables neatly to the point where your TV or tuner is located.

We can also provide multiple points in different rooms, and troubleshoot issues such as poor reception, weak Wi-Fi signals – and even phone faults.

If you’re not sure, just ask!

Can we do Sky multiroom ?

Yes, and not just Sky.

You can have as many receiver boxes as you want. We just run cables to them. With all our cabling, we’re conscious of the aesthetics and we’ll run cables behind drainpipes, and through lofts so they’re not visible on the front of your walls.

If you want to record your programs, you’ll need TWO cables, similar to what you get with Sky HD.

What other sorts of satellite dish systems are there ?

Sky isn’t the only satellite system that’s available in the UK.

There’s Freesat, which uses the same dish as Sky and then there’s the European satellite system.

This includes a Spanish, French TNT, Fran-Sat, German satellite, which is 19.2° and there’s the Hotbird satellite, which covers almost the whole of Europe on 13°

We’ve actually several European customers here in Sussex so if you want to watch satellite channels from Europe, then we can certainly help you.

Do we do commercial installations ?

Yes, we regularly work for letting agents and housing associations and install communal systems, where one satellite dish or aerial serves a number of properties.

The tenant can still have all the features of Freeview, Freesat or Sky, depending on the number of cables we run to each property. With Sky HD, you’ll need two cables so you can record.

We also work with quite a few nursing homes. Here, the residents tend to be dependent on TV, as it is often their main link to the outside world. Unfortunately, budget constraints often mean that a lot of nursing homes are still stuck with the old TV / FM socket and older equipment, which is more prone to breakdown,  so we make sure that we provide the right advice on how best to upgrade the systems to minimise future maintenance and interruption.

Can we help with BT phoneline faults ?

Yes. BT Openreach deals with everything up to the main telephone point in your house, but everything inside the house (eg the phone itself, or any extensions) are the responsibility of the householder.

If you do have a fault in the house, and call BT, they will charge £ 129.99 for the initial callout. We charge just £ 60.

In most cases, we can fix the problem on this initial visit, so you’ll be saving money.


Frequently Asked Questions

What's Magic Eye versus Multiroom ?

Sky multiroom is where you take out an additional Sky subscription for a second box, and can view different programmes in a different room.

This is not the same as Magic Eye where you run cables from the from the Sky box to a box in another room, BUT the programmes you can watch on the second TV are controlled by the main Sky box.

In both cases, you still have to run additional cables around the house.

When you are using Magic Eye, the signal comes into the other room as an analogue signal and this creates a slight problem as nowadays, a lot of people are used to HD picture quality, and the picture ‘out-of-the-box’ is simply not as good.  So we run a Cat-6 cable (high spec) to give you the same quality as you get on the main box, using a HDMI Sender and Receiver.

What is a SQISH ?

sqish concealed satellite dishes

Sometimes a customer will particularly not want to see the dish.

In these circumstances, we can install what’s called a Sqish. Basically this is a square dish which allows you to put a picture on the front to match the background; effectively camouflaging the dish.

The trade-off with this is that the quality of the signal might not be as good as expected, and this needs to be taken into consideration that there might be signal breakup, particularly in adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain.

But it would certainly work in a conservation area.

How does fibre optic cabling help ?

The advantage of fibre-optic cables is that there is no signal loss on longer runs. With copper cable you can lose signal strength on longer runs.

Essentially fibre-optic is future proof and although there may be a slight increase in the initial cost of the cabling, in the long run it may be the best investment.

Having said that, if there are multiple runs, then the cost of copper cable could actually exceed the cost of the fibre-optic; imagine a run of 60m with five cables serving five properties, that would be 300m of copper. In this circumstance, it is highly probable that fibre would be cheaper option.


What else can we help with ?

We also work alongside like-minded companies who have the same customer service values as us. We work closely with DF Audio Ltd who supply and install quality audio-visual and home automation systems.

Whatever you’re thinking of, they’d be happy to hear from you.



Experienced Satellite and TV Installer

We’re the top rated aerial installer for our area on Checkatrade and we’re looking for a reliable and experienced satellite and TV Installer to join our team.

We’re based in Haywards Heath and deal with clients all over East and West Sussex and some parts of Surrey. Our team helps customers with everything to do with TV aerials and satellite dishes, from the installation to running cables neatly inside the house.

High quality customer service is essential to us and we only use the highest specification commercial grade materials.
If you have:

• a minimum of 3 years experience in satellite and TV installation
• a clean driving licence
• the desire to be part of a reputable and well respected team

then please contact us to discuss this vacancy further.

Apply by email to [email protected]